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Hi! I'm Charlotte and welcome to my personal site!

I'm just having fun right now learning some html and putting my most intimate thoughts online for strangers to read. I overshare in real ife, too, so this isn't particularly new to me. I hope to make some new pages for other fun stuff too, so stick around!

Currently listening to: Smoke by Gia Margaret
Last blog post: 8.2.2022

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  • 7.27.2022: updated diary and homepage layouts! not much but more readable. need to do this to my other pages. removed the photos page. i didn't have an interest in updating it. might add it back in if i ever do, but don't really foresee that happening. might make an about page

  • 7.24.2022: added a sitemap, changed the background image (source)

  • 7.??.2022: forgot to say when i did this, but added a to do list page and a making page, which i'll update with some fun little projects

  • 7.8.2022: added a books page! now you get to know what I've been reading... humiliating, considering so much of it is just romance novels...

  • 7.4.2022: added a music page within the stuff page! plan to make a books page tomorrow and add some photos from my trip... we'll see if that happens

  • 6.23.2022: fiddled around with the look of the site... changed the background color ever so slightly, made the header smaller, made the diary page a bit more readable (shoutout to my dad for giving me feedback on that one). going on a trip, will try to take some photos to add to the site

  • 6.18.2022: added this changelog, about me... wanting to add more, unsure what or how

  • 6.17.2022: ooey gooey patooey is live!